Many motorists don't realize that cyclists have the same driving privileges that they do-cyclists can ride their bikes on the highway, according to California bicycle laws. When motorists don't accommodate cyclists in their lanes, accidents happen. Call the Law Offices of Gerald Labovitch now if you've sustained a bicycle accident injury.

Attorney Labovitch will work hard to help you fight for compensation after a bicycle accident injury in Encino, California.

What to do if you're in a bicycle accident

Cyclists have rights on the road. If you were injured in a bicycle accident, call the Law Offices of Gerald Labovitch right away. Attorney Labovitch will:

  • Visit you to discuss your situation
  • Gather relevant medical records and other documents
  • Build a case to hold the guilty party responsible

You’re entitled to ride your bike on the road without fear. If a bicycle accident injury has left you with an expensive recovery, call 818-783-2046 to reach out to the Law Offices of Gerald Labovitch today to schedule an appointment with a bicycle accident lawyer in Encino, CA.

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