Slip-and-fall accidents are serious. Victims of non-fatal falls can sustain major injuries, such as brain or spine injuries. Recovery costs for these accidents are often very expensive. You need a slip-and-fall attorney by your side. Call the Law Offices of Gerald Labovitch in Encino, CA today to discuss the specifics of your slip-and-fall injury case.

What is a slip-and-fall accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, slip-and-fall accidents account for a large portion of emergency room visits every year. But what constitutes a slip and fall? You could have a case for a slip-and-fall injury if you fell:

  • At a restaurant
  • While shopping at a grocery store
  • Up or down stairs on someone’s property

You can take legal action against a property owner if you were injured due to unsafe conditions on their property. Call 818-783-2046 now to schedule an appointment with a slip-and-fall attorney in Encino, CA.

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